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2023/09/30  SAT
@王城ビル B1F

Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Groupの展覧会「ナラッキー」内にて行われる​イベントなので、

nce in Shinjuku, in Kabukicho, the words of the poets of the city, and all the heat that would be lost by naming it, covered the earth, and humans had a brief daytime dream. They hoped for a future in song, hoped to be awakened by song, and then stopped. It's the story of the age of levels, of the folk imagination. Where is the folk imagination going now? Is new folk music possible in this age? That's all I can think about. I'm going to think about that a little bit, not in Shinjuku, not in Kabukicho, but in an "imaginary town" called Ojo, with some great performers.
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